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10 Meal Prep Time Savers


Family time is so important.  Weeknights are filled with work, school, practices, games, rehearsals, after-school activities, homework, etc.  It’s important to be able to put a healthy meal on the table, no matter what time of day, in a short amount of time.  While this does take an hour or two of your weekend to do, it is so worth the time savings through the week.


Below are 10 meal prep time savers that have saved my sanity a time or two.

    1. Cut up pepper, onions and mushrooms.  Place them in gallon zipper bags or bowls.  Omit the mushrooms and you can make enough to store bags in the freezer as well.  Peppers, onions and mushrooms are perfect additions to scrambled eggs, fajitas or tacos through the week.
    2. Bake spaghetti squash and string to noodles.  Store in gallon zipper bags or bowls in the refrigerator.  These make perfect low carb noodles for spaghetti and meatballs, chicken alfredo or beef taco meat.
    3. Make a large batch of marinara from scratch.  Divide it up in gallon freezer bags
    4. Grill chicken tenderloins and dice.  Store in gallon zipper bags in the refrigerator or freezer.  You can also store them in small containers to use for salads as weekday lunches.  The chicken can be used for chicken alfredo, chicken bacon ranch pizza, chicken fajitas, etc.
    5. Make a salad and store in a Rubbermaid container. 
    6. Wash apples, citrus, grapes, etc. with a mixture of white vinegar and water.  Pre-washing fruits allows for grab and go snacking and lunch preparation.
    7. Peel and cut up carrots and celery and place them in small bags or containers for individual snacking.
    8. Cook scrambled eggs and sausage links or crumbles to be warmed up through the week for quick breakfasts.  Put them on a plate as they are or put them in a tortilla with some cheese and roll them as a burrito.
    9. Make Sausage roll ups.  These are delicious and quick breakfasts before school and work.  They also make a filling after-school snack.
    10. Prepare other proteins for the week.  Make ground beef/turkey/chicken patties.  Slice steak or chicken into strips for fajitas.  Place these in gallon freezer bags and place them in the refrigerator or freezer.

These are a few of my favorite products that I use to store vegetables, fruit and meals for the week.  


**This post contains affiliate links.  I may receive a small portion of the purchase at no additional cost to you.**

peppers onions mushroomspeppers onions mushrooms in gallon bags

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