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4 Easter Decorating Ideas

oui cup of flowers Easter decorating ideas

oui jars flowers Easter decorating ideas

Reuse a Oui Jar

This cute little flower arrangement is in a OUI yogurt jar.  Yep, simple and adorable.  I just cleaned the jar, wrapped ribbon around the outside and tied on a piece of twine.  A little hot glue helps to hold it in place.  I found some flowers from a previous arrangement and voila!

easter egg tree Easter decorating ideaseaster eggs on tree Easter decorating ideas

Easter Tree

An Easter tree is a fun way to display decorative eggs.  These eggs were a gift to me years ago and I love displaying them using sticks from the yard in a glass vase.  I added raffia this year to give texture to the vase.

felt bunny  Easter decorating ideas

Felt Bunny

I made a bunch of these bunnies and sent them as Easter gifts to the children in my life last year.  This year, this is the only one that has not been claimed in my house.  So, this lone little guy has become part of the decor.


  • White felt
  • Embroidery floss
  • Stuffing
  • White yarn



  • Cut out bunny shape from felt.
  • Sew outline of bunny with embroidery floss
  • Stuff bunny before completing the sewed outline
  • Create tail with white yarn (pom pom)

bunny centerpiece with coral flowers Easter decorating ideas

Classic Centerpiece

You cannot go wrong with a simple, classic centerpiece.   For this one, I found a cement bunny at Joann.  I added flowers to a tin bucket I bought last year for another project.  This is my favorite centerpiece this season.

Please see my post on Easter and Spring wreaths here. 





Happy Easter!   May we remember that Jesus loved us all so much that he sacrificed and died for our sins.  Then He rose again and lives!!  May God bless you and your family.

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