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Organize Kids’ Art and School Work

Organizing Kids’ Art and School work


I love looking back at art my kids created when they were really little.  Their little painted hand prints and colored pictures are so adorable.  But, where do you keep everything so that you can look at them anytime, but still keep them organized?   I bought a file box and legal-sized file folders and labeled them by year until they started school.  Then, I labeled them by school year.  It has been an excellent way to keep everything together so that I can look at their sweet pictures anytime.


During the school year, I keep all of their art and school work in a tote in a closet for the whole year in case a grade is not marked or they need to go back and study something from earlier in the year.  At the end of the school year, I go through each paper and decide what to keep and what to recycle.  The items kept are placed in labeled file folders and placed in a file box.  Prior to my son starting school, I kept all of his little art or letter/number pages from preschool that are special.  My daughter has not started school, so I basically keep everything at this point that she makes at home with me.  We have so much fun creating.


kids art and homework bin


Supplies Needed:

  • File Box
  • File Folders (I chose one color for each child)
  • Tabs for folders (if not included with file folder box)


When you have your folders and box, you just need to go through and condense your pages for each child to what you want to keep and label it according to the year it was created.  I keep my boxes in a closet so that I have easy access to it whenever I want to remember how little their hands were or how sweet they wrote their name when they were in preschool.  Life passes us by quickly, it’s wonderful to sit down and go through something year by year to remember.  The great thing about this box is that it is so easy to stay organized once it’s complete.  I only go through the papers once a year and put them in the file box.  It usually takes me about an hour.  Love that I do not have to keep up with this constantly.


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