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Christmas Tree Truck Wreath 

Christmas Tree Truck Wreath

I’m obsessed with vintage trucks!  My kids tease me relentlessly because our house is covered in them throughout the year for every holiday.  However, at Christmas, the nostalgia is even more sweet.  This Christmas Tree Truck Wreath, as my kiddos affectionately dubbed it, it one of my favorites.  It brings a touch of the past to your home for Christmas.

When I was a young girl, my grandfather had an old pick up truck.  His truck was nothing special and certainly would not win any prizes for cleanliness or style.  However, seeing these vintage trucks pop up in decor these days remind me of jumping in the truck with him and going for a ride.  I can still smell the oil and mustiness of the truck and feel the bumpy ride as we drove along.  My heart longs for those simpler days and I love to remember those times.  While this is just a simple wreath, the memories it stirs are priceless.

Christmas tree truck wreath

Supplies Needed

  • Evergreen wreath
  • Ribbon of desired color (I used red burlap and white fur ribbon)
  • Metal Truck (I found this one at Hobby Lobby on sale with their Christmas decorations-but Amazon has them as well if you want to avoid the stores)
  • Twine



  • Add twine to the top of the metal truck
  • Tie twine around the metal ring of the evergreen wreath
  • Add ribbon by tying it into a bow of desired size
  • Push the twine under the back of the tie of the bow and tie it to the ring of evergreen wreath



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