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Christmas Truck Wood Sign 



Ya’ll, this is my favorite Christmas decoration this year!  I am obsessed with the Christmas trucks carrying trees that we see everywhere.  This Christmas Truck Wood Sign is the perfect addition to your mantel, hutch, wall, anything goes.

Since my Christmas decor is rather nontraditional, I decided to create the wooden sign that would match our decor.  However, you should paint your truck with anything that matches your home.

This may look like it takes some artistic talent.  But, if you can trace and color in the lines, you are all set.  I simply found a picture I liked online, printed it and cut it out.  Then I traced it on a plain wooden sign I bought months ago at Joann and could not figure out what to put on it.  Easey Peasey mac ‘n cheesey as my kiddos would say.  You may want to cut around some of the major interior parts so you can trace them onto the board.  But, I just did it by looking at the original picture and filling in the details.  It’s not as difficult as it may seem.  Besides, this is made to be like an old rustic sign.  It’s supposed to look hand-drawn and painted.  Mistakes are part of the look and the appeal of the piece.

For the words, I just wrote on the board in cursive with pencil and then went over it in paint.  Is it perfect? It most certainly is not. Is it special?  I hope so.  I enjoyed creating it and my kids like it.  They are my harshest critics and greatest fans.


What you need:

  • Plain wooden sign
  • Acrylic paint in desired colors.  I used black, white, aqua blue, dark green and light green
  • Paintbrushes (smaller for details)



If you like this sign, please check out my white yarn wreath with an aqua ribbon.  It coordinates with this sign so well.


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