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5 Ways to Cope When Your Husband Travels


Almost two years ago, we moved 900 miles from where we called home.  For his job, my husband travels often.  During these times, when I am left as sole and soul caregiver to my children, I have learned a few things that I’d like to share.


My husband is amazing.  He is such a great provider for our family and works very hard.  I am so proud of him.  When he is at home, he sometimes has to attend evening functions with clients.  I am not alone in this.  Many women are the primary caregiver to their children.  While it’s an incredible privilege to be a mother, it can sometimes be overwhelming.  All of the daily tasks still need to be accomplished and our little people need to be loved on and have play time.  Here are some ways to make life a little easier.


1. Get outside, regardless of the time of year.


If it’s cold, bundle up, but get outside even for just 20 minutes.  Sometimes, the only outside time I get is at the bus stop in the morning and afternoon because of the cold.  But, those minutes make a huge difference in how I feel.


2. Make time for friends weekly


 This could be as simple as a phone call or text.  However, personal interaction is so much more beneficial.  Invite someone over for tea or coffee.  Take time to talk to a neighbor or seek out a new friendship at the library or kids sporting event.  Take turns cooking dinner with another Mom whose husband travels.  This has been a great thing for our family and one of our friends.  We each get a night off cooking and the kids get to see someone other than us for the evening.


3. Stick to a routine.


It is helpful to everyone in the family if you can stick to the normal flow of life, even if running kids places gets more hectic with only one parent.  The kids will only see that everything is normal.  If they are less stressed, you will be as well.


4. Say “NO” to extras.


If you are carrying the full load of the house, adding responsibilities may not be the healthiest choice.  It is ok to not be the one baking cookies for every bake sale or volunteering at all church or school activities.   


5. Cut yourself some slack.


It gets overwhelming sometimes.  If the house is not cleaned to your normal standards, it’s not the end of the world.  If someone misses soccer practice or karate one night, the kiddo will survive.  One person can only do so much.  It is good for kids to see that you are human and have your limits. 


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