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 DIY Blue Beaded Wreath


This DIY Blue Beaded Wreath is a fun DIY wreath that incorporates aqua blue and orange in a sweet and delicate way.  Aqua blue is my favorite color and appears throughout my whole house.  I love pairing it with different colors for different seasons and holidays.  For Summer and Fall, I like to pair aqua blue with orange.  While the flowers are summer flowers, I can see this used as a daily door wreath throughout the year or on a mantle as a pop of color in a room.


Blue Beaded Wreath


Supplies for Blue Beaded Wreath:

    • Craft floral ring
    • Blue beads for crafts
    • Hot Glue and glue gun
    • Twine
    • Orange flowers
    • Floral wire/tape (optional)






  • Find seam of craft ring and gently move back and forth until the ring separates
  • Add beads to the wreath until it is mostly covered, leaving only enough space to add flowers
  • Glue together the ends of the craft ring to form a circle-I glue twine to the ring and wrap it around the seam to give it extra support.  It will be covered later.
  • Affix flowers to the craft ring with glue or craft wire/tape (optional)
  • Tie a piece of twine to the top of the wreath to use as a hanger for the wreath



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