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DIY Floral Hoop Wreaths are elegant and understated.

Ya’ll, I am from the south.  I am accustomed to large, puffy wreaths full of tulle and ribbon in home decor.  I do still enjoy a puffy wreath on the front door for holidays, especially loop yarn wreaths.  They are so adorable!  It is fun to mix it up though with simple and understated decor.

I made my first hoop wreath last year and I fell in love.  Hoop wreaths are the perfect addition to a window, mantle or interior door where something big and puffy would be far too much.  I added two of these to our master bedroom wall, above our bed, and loved the look.


DIY Large Floral Hoop Wreath

DIY Large Floral Hoop Wreath



Large Hoop Wreath


  • Ribbon of varying textures and colors
  • Faux greens
  • Faux flowers
  • Floral wire
  • Quilt Hoop (Or a large embroidery hoop)


  • Cut ribbon in desired length
  • Open hoop
  • Place ribbon over the bottom of the inside loop
  • Replace outside loop and tighten clasp
  • Wire on greens and flowers where desired on wreath


As my kids would say, “easy peasy mac and cheesy” and you’ve got a simple, adorable wreath.  You can add addition ribbon to hang or just hang it with the clasp over a nail in the wall.  I hung mine using ribbon tied to the top of the wreath and used a command hook nail.   If you have not used one before, you have got to check them out!  Hang it sideways and the metal part is hidden by the greens.




DIY Medium Floral Hoop Wreath



Medium Hoop Wreath

I showed the large wreath above.  This works well in a large space like a wall or statement piece wreath.  If you would like something a bit smaller, I would opt for an embroidery hoop wreath.  I have done a few of these in the past.  I just did one for Easter that was adorable.


  • Faux Greens and flowers
  • Floral wire
  • Acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • Twine or ribbon to hang with (optional)
  • Embroidery hoop 12 inch size


  • Paint embroidery hoop if desired.  I used white acrylic paint.
  • Use floral wire to wire greens and flowers to the hoop when paint is dry.
  • Hang using the hoop clasp or tie a ribbon to the clasp as a hangar

Flowers on hoop wreath

This is a great wreath for a window or door.  I have used this one in both ways.  I like it best in a window actually just hung from a suction cup hook.  It’s enough to break up some light coming through but not too much to break up the view out of the window.

Now, go get started on these.  You will not be disappointed!

Send me a pic of how your wreath turns out.  I love to see them!


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