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4th of July Fun!

When I was a kid, 4th of July always seemed like the highlight of summer.  It was one holiday that everyone gathered just to play and eat mountains of watermelon in the hot sun.  We took hay rides on my aunt and uncle’s farm.  We watched fireworks and sometimes dozed off as the evening air cooled us after a long day in the sun.  Some of my best memories are of the 4th with my family.

As I look back, I remember all of the red, white and blue decorations hung around the house and outside which set the atmosphere for the holiday.  In an effort to try to recreate that for my kids, I have created a few decorations to hang around the house.  Even though we currently live far away from where I call home, I want to create memories for my kiddos that they can reflect on as they get older and start their own traditions.  We will enjoy community events and cookouts with friends.  But, I’m going to start by decorating our house with some 4th of July flair.


Simple 4th of July Decor on a Budget

Bandana Wreath 


What you will need: 

  • Embroidery Hoop-This set is nice because you can pick the size that matches your decor-
  • Bandanas-This is a nice assortment-  (I used 4 bandanas that I found at Walmart in the craft section)
  • Ribbon-(optional)-coordinating to the bandanas purchased



4th of July Banner 

This pendant banner is perfect for the front porch or the mantle.

What you will need: 

  • Burlap fabric-
  • Sharpie or other marker to outline letters and shapes-
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint (red, white and blue)-
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Cheap paper plates (optional)
  • Templates (letters and star–both optional) 
  • Jute Twine 


I used a piece of card stock as a template to cut out my banner panels.  I folded it in half and then cut it in the shape I wanted.  Then traced it onto the burlap with the sharpie marker.

I then traced a star using a candy dish I have.  You can use anything or free-hand the star on to two banner panels.  I free-handed the letters on the other three panels.  I then painted the burlap.  Since painting burlap is kind of tricky, I used paper plates to limit some mess.  I laid each panel on a paper plate and painted it.

Once the panels were dry, I just hot glued it onto some jute twine in a length that would reach around our porch supports.  You may wish to measure the area where you are placing your banner for the correct length of twine.

Simple Red and White Flowers in Blue Jars 


With this floral display, I used a box and jars that I use in all kinds of arrangements.  I added red flowers and some leftover sparkly baby’s breath from a Christmas floral display.  The sparkles added just the right flair for 4th of July.

What you will need: 

  • Mason Jars (blue) 
  • Red flowers and (optional) baby’s breath (or other white flowers) 
  • Wooden Box 


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