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Easy DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is tough y’all.  We have lots of wants, but few true needs.  Praise God!  Hubby’s “wants” are yacht-priced wants on a kayak budget.  So, what do you get those guys?  A heartfelt gift made by their little ones or grandkids are the best!   Here are a few easy DIY gifts for Dad that the kids will love to create.



Valet with deer head design


Father’s Day Valet


Our kitchen has a little spot where the contents of my husband’s pockets get emptied each day.  Because clutter makes me cringe and sometimes obsess a bit, I was looking for a way to wrangle this stuff and keep it where it looks a little better in the kitchen.  I decided to make him a rustic-looking valet tray where he could leave everything and it would be somewhat contained.

I had an old, well-loved wooden paper tray that was crying out to be used.  To make it a little more appealing and definitely my husband’s, I took a piece of craft paper, cut it to the size of the tray interior and used Mod-Podge to adhere it to the tray.  Because he will be throwing a variety of things in this tray, I also sealed it with a layer of Mod-Podge.  This was a quick, easy project that is a win-win for wife and hubby.

What you need

  • Paper tray
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Mod-Podge

Papa photo frame

Fishing Picture Frame


This project is perfect for little hands to make.  I found this adorable frame at Walmart.  But, I saw the ones below on Amazon and thought they would be perfect.  Then, I attached fishing stickers (see below).  I will include a picture of my hubby and kids fishing together for Father’s Day.  If your kids and their father hunt, play a sport or just watch movies together, there are stickers for everything.   I added some hot glue to the stickers to ensure that they stayed put.  This is optional.  The letters are also optional, but make the frame even more cute.

What you need:

  • Picture frame in desired size
  • Stickers
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Photo for the frame

papas apron


Apron for Grilling 

Grilling out is my hubby’s task.  He is a genius behind the grill.  Everything he makes is delicious!!   Fabric markers and an apron make for the perfect gift for my grilling man.  Our kids had so much fun creating this special gift.  I put a line down the center of the apron so that they each had a designated space to decorate.   Papa’s going to cherish it!

What you need:

  • Fabric markers
  • Apron



papas stash

Dad’s Favorite Treats


In our house, my husband and I go by Mama and Papa.  He is from Germany and we chose to keep that tradition.  Papa has a major sweet tooth.  Chocolate, especially good German chocolates, are his favorite.  So, we chose to include those as well as Dove chocolates in his jar.

What you need

  • Glass jar with a secure lid
  • Chocolates or other treats Dad loves
  • Tag for jar-(printed from computer or can be hand printed)-or you can purchase one with a chalkboard piece and write your message or label


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