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Emergency Contact Information for the Family

When I was blessed with kids, I instantly started to worry about their safety.  I am sure every loving parent feels the same way.  One of my fears was that if something happened to me, they would not know what to do.  I looked for some sort of emergency contact information sheet to post on the refrigerator so that if an emergency arose, any responder to our home would know more about us and who to contact.  I was not satisfied with anything I could find, so I decided to make my own.  Below is a printable template of an Emergency Contact Information sheet for the family.

My oldest child can read, but is too young for a cell phone of his own.  I included cell phone instructions to assist in a time of panic.  If your children are too young to use a phone, you can advise them to go to a neighbor to ask for help. I have included a copy of this sheet in a brightly colored folder where the kids have access.  We have practiced having them grab the folder in the event of an emergency.  This gives peace of mind that the kids can handle the situation if you are not physically able to help.

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