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Fall Hoop Wreath Ideas

Check out these Fall Hoop Wreath Ideas!!  Fall hoop wreaths are warm, inviting and simple to make.  Using embroidery hoops gives this wreath stability and makes it economical.  

Fall hoop wreath orange



    • Embroidery hoop (18 inch)
    • Raffia
    • Wired burlap ribbon
    • Faux florals in desired colors
    • Faux pumpkins (these are grapevine pumpkin stems from Hobby Lobby)
    • Glue gun with hot glue sticks
    • Floral wire (optional)


Fall hoop wreath white pumpkins



    • Embroidery hoop (15 inch)
    • Faux florals in neutral colors
    • Foam white pumpkins
    • Wired burlap ribbon
    • Eucalyptus green stems
    • Glue gun with glue sticks


Using floral wire is a great way to hold everything in place to allow you to see the final design before gluing.  Once you have everything where you want it, I recommend a heavy handed glue application, especially with the heavier items.

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