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Forsythia Summer Wreath Ideas


Yellow screams summer to me!  It is warm, vibrant and inviting.  It’s the color of sunshine and lemonade and lifts the spirit!  When I see the forsythias bloom, I know summer is on its way.  This forsythia summer wreath is a summer must have.


We are in the middle of the packing process for a cross-country move.  We are living around many, many, have I mentioned many, boxes!!  While we are in the midst of this, I just could not go without creating something.  Obviously, my craft supplies have not entirely been packed yet.  I have them in tubs.  However, I just cannot bring myself to seal the lids just yet.


I wanted something simple to hang on an interior door for a couple of weeks so that the house is not completely devoid of decorations.  While packing, I came across this garland that I used on our mantle last summer.  I loved it there.  However, I thought it would make a great wreath.


simple forsythia wreath


While I like the wreath just by itself, I had a package of basswood rectangles that I thought would make this wreath more fun.  Two options are shown below.


hello forsythia wreath sunshine yellow forsythia wreath



  • Forsythia garland
  • Basswood craft rectangle
  • Acrylic paint
  • Floral wire
  • Fishing line
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Sharpie marker (optional)

Forsythia Summer Wreath



  • Bend garland into round shape and wire together in various places to hold shape
  • Paint wood rectangle with a base coat (optional)
  • Add phrase of choice to rectangle with Sharpie, vinyl or paint
  • Wrap fishing line around wreath in two places about 3 inches apart-glue ends to back of rectangle piece.


Looking for other summer wreath ideas??  Check out this post of summer rag wreaths.


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