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Create a Kids Craft Tote


Creating crafts with kids can be cherished memories and tons of fun.  In the winter, while we’re watching two feet of snow fall outside, the kids love to gather around our kitchen table and cover it with craft supplies.  They will sit and create “masterpieces” for hours.  We all love every minute!  In order for them to create their best work, I like to have an essential list of craft supplies on hand at all times.  I add to this weekly it seems, sometimes with something as minor as a paper towel roll.  Nonetheless, I want to be prepared when the next paper towel roll rocket or pipe cleaner queen’s crown is created.

We use a large plastic tote that I keep on a high shelf in their play room.  Since we often have friends visiting with smaller children, I do not want to have it where everyone can get into paint or markers without preparing a space first.  You can certainly get fancier, but I find that the plastic tote provides easy clean up should something be spilled in the tote or not capped correctly.   Now, grab your essentials and get crafting with those kiddos, they won’t be little for long!   

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Essentials List



  • Pom Pom balls   

  • Foam shapes, sheets and stickers 

  • Kids washable paint

  • Dot painters 

  • Tons of paint brushes, foam brushes and uniquely shaped brushes or

  • Card stock (better quality) or construction paper 

  • Washable markers- and

  • Crayons

  • Pipe cleaners (chenille wire stems)

  • Glue and glue sticks and 

  • Tape

  • Painter’s tape

  • Old t-shirts or smock to protect their clothing

  • Googly eyes

  • Craft sticks

  • Empty and cleaned cream cheese bowls, butter tubs, oatmeal canisters, cheap paper plates, paper towel rolls, ketchup containers, lids to large bottles (if age appropriate), etc.

  • Chalk

  • Q-tips and cotton balls (great for paint)- and


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