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This sweet Scarecrow for Fall is a warm inviting greeter for your front door.

I just love this scarecrow.  While it can only be used on covered exterior doors, it can also be used for interior doors and mantles.  Yarn wreaths are some of my favorites.  They are fluffy and warm and provide great texture for your space.  These wreaths are a great way to get kids involved in creating holiday decorations.  My littlest one has helped with wrapping yarn around the form.  The older kids can help with some of the gluing, adding zip ties and tying on the twine for a hanger.  

scarecrow wreath


  • Foam wreath of desired size (16 inch)
  • Beige loop yarn 2 skeins
  • Burlap
  • Ribbon (fall colors)
  • Raffia (natural color)-optional
  • Zip tie
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Artificial Sunflower
  • Twine


  • Take loop yarn and wrap it tightly around the wreath form (you can tie or glue the beginning and end of the yarn to other loops on the form)
  • Tie and piece of twine to the wreath form to use as a hanger (hide it in the yarn) 
  • Cut out burlap piece (this does not have to be in a perfect shape because it will be a disheveled hat.
  • Put a zip tie through the back of the hat and wrap it around the wreath form (You may also choose to hot glue the hat to the wreath form)
  • Glue a ribbon to the burlap hat
  • Add the sunflower to the hat with hot glue
  • Optional-glue some raffia inside the hat and sticking out of the edges


When you’re ready to decorate and celebrate the joy in Christmas, please check out my website  Here is another loop yarn for Christmas. 



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