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Simple Farmhouse Decor 


The best part about farmhouse decor is that it is easy to reuse things you already have on hand and make them new again.

When we moved almost two years ago, I left a great deal of our decor boxed in the basement. Recently, while going through a box of glassware my grandmother had given me over a decade ago, I found an adorable vase in the bottom of the box.  I had no idea it was there.  What a find!  It immediately became a part of our decor.  It is a cute white vase that looks great on a metal charger.  I add greens to give it dimension.  

I use faux floral arrangements all year round.  While it brings me joy to use fresh cut daisies, lilacs or azaleas during the spring and summer in vases, the faux stuff wreaks less havoc on my seasonal allergies and are consistently beautiful.  I also really enjoy sticking with one color palette when arranging flowers.  I tend not to mix a bunch of colors.  That’s a matter of preference though and you want to work with your home color scheme.  Aqua blue and orange are in most of our living spaces.

Simple pieces that can be used and reused can be found in your basement, in your pantry (spaghetti sauce jars/mason jars) and in discount bins at your favorite store.  Examples of things to use in your decor: 

  • Chargers (simple one color or metal)- 
  • Simple greens- 
  • Faux florals 
  • Mason jars or sauce jars- 
  • Rocks and shells
  • Cactus or other succulents (the ones pictured are faux), 
  • Wooden spoons- 
  • Pitchers-   
  • Old windows (yard sale finds) 
  • Galvanized metal vases like this one 


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