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The Simple Green Wreath

Simple green wreaths are my go to wreath all year.  It can be kept as just a simple green wreath which adds richness and beauty to any door or decor.  However, adding goodies based on the season or occasion makes it fun.  Best of all, they are so simple and inexpensive to put together and change quickly.

The wreath in its simplest form:

  • Wire wreath form
  • Greens (This wreath is made from faux eucalyptus branches-sold in a large bunch)
  • Floral wire
  • Ribbon of choice

Start by taking your bunch of branches apart so that you have separate branches to work with.  These eucalyptus bunches had four long branches together on one stem. Then, wire them to the wreath form in the shape and direction desired.  You can add as many branches as you choose, covering the wreath form.  Leave a small space in the wreath form to allow you to tie your ribbon of choice for hanging the wreath.  That’s the wreath in its simplest form which is perfect for every day use.

Pink and Aqua Wreath for Spring

While I enjoy simple green wreaths by themselves, I think aqua blue and pink make a beautiful pairing for spring.  With this, I took floral wire and attached pink silk flowers to the wreath form on top of the eucalyptus.  I then clipped in one bird to add the blue color.  It took just a few minutes and few dollars to change the look of the wreath completely.



simple green wreath with blue birds and nest

green wreath with blue birds in nest

Blue Birds on a Green Wreath


This is the wreath currently on my front door for spring.  While I would not want a real bird to nest in my wreath (been there and done that–tragic results for the birdie).  I love the idea of adding these cute little blue birds and some simple brown grasses as a nest.  These items were less than $5 to add and made an adorable display to my simple wreath.


simple green wreath with hearts for valentine's day


Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath


This is more of a Valentine’s Day specialty.  But, I just love it.  I took red and white striped wrapping twine leftover from Christmas and tied it to the wreath form.  I then took red felt and cut out heart shapes.  I stuffed each heart with a little polyfill and sewed two hearts together.  I found some miniature clothespins in my craft supply storage to hang the hearts on the twine.  Voila!  I had all of the supplies for this one in my collection (#hoardingtendencies), so I did not need to purchase anything.  However, the supplies for this could be purchased for less than $10.


green wreath with fall flowers


Fall Wreath


Fall colors add warmth to this wreath.  I like to keep my green wreath simple, so I just wired on some fall flowers that I had on hand.  I did not spend any additional money on this wreath.  I repurposed flowers I had used on a project the year prior.  It’s a great way to use what you have to create something adorable for your decor.

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