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Snowman Yarn Wreath

This adorable snowman yarn wreath will give a warm, cozy appeal to your home’s front door or your mantle.  Yarn wreaths are my favorite wreaths for winter months.  They are so simple yet so bold.  This snow white wreath just screams winter.  You can almost picture this little guy coming to life and skating through town.  

If your kids love to help you make your crafts and wreaths, this is a great one to have them work on.  They can wrap the yarn around the foam wreath form.  Depending on their age or cutting skills, they may be able to cut out the snowman’s hat.  It’s a fun way to get the kids involved in making cherished Christmas decor that you bring out every year.

**This wreath is one that would be best used inside or on a door with a covered porch to keep the yarn from getting wet.**




  • White Loop Yarn (2 skeins)
  • 1 white 6 inch wreath form
  • 1 white 10 inch wreath form
  • Black felt-stiff/heavy-duty (sparkles optional)
  • Small sprig of holly or other green and berries
  • Zip ties (2)
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • 10 inch piece of narrow ribbon for hanging wreath (optional)
  • Ribbon (wired)–for this I chose a flannel ribbon





  • Hot glue one end of loop yarn to the foam wreath form
  • Wrap the loop yarn around the foam wreath forms until both forms are covered
  • Use zip ties to connect the two wreath forms together, hiding the zip lines with the loop yarn
  • Draw and cut out a top hat of felt
  • Hot glue the hat to the top wreath form.  Glue on green stem and berries if you choose
  • Tie desired length of ribbon around the neck of the snowman-hot glue can be used to secure the ribbon to the snowman


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