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snowman wreath velvet

This Snowman wreath makes such a statement on your front door for winter!

Who doesn’t want to snuggle up in a fluffy mound of yarn in the winter.  I love to crochet blankets and have them all over the house in the colder months. While you cannot exactly snuggle this adorable wreath, you can certainly get the warm, inviting look that yarn provides with this simple wreath project.

Making these snowman wreaths can be a family affair.  With the ease of assembly, this is a good project for your littles to help create.  The littles can wrap yarn around the wreath forms and can even cut out the hats and ribbon.  With a little help, they may even be able to secure the zip ties or glue the hat on.

When displaying this wreath, you want to make sure your door is covered and the wreath will not be in the elements.  However, this also looks adorable on an interior door, which is how I often display mine.  If you have a mantle in need of something tall, this is also a great addition.


  • Foam wreath forms in two sizes
  • White loop yarn-I used two skeins
  • Stiff felt square in black or desired color
  • Greens of your choosing
  • Ribbon (wired) of your choosing
  • Zip ties (large enough to go around both wreath forms or two that you can put together)
  • Hole punch/scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  • Attach wreath forms together using zip ties to make head and body of the snowman
  • Wrap loop yarn around both wreath forms until the snowman is completely covered (glue beginning end to the foam wreath and tie the other end to other loops on the form)
  • Cut out a hat from the stiff felt
  • Punch or cut holes in the hat where the ribbon will be placed above the brim
  • Use a zip tie to attach the hat to the top wreath form through the holes just punched
  • Hot glue a piece of ribbon to the hat on the snowman above the brim, covering the zip ties used previously
  • Glue greens to the ribbon on the hat
  • Tie a piece of ribbon around the neck of the snowman and drape it how you would like the snowman to look

Enjoy your adorable masterpiece!

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