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Spring Beaded Wire Wreath


spring beaded wire wreath red door


You have got to try this simple Spring Beaded Wire Wreath!   While it takes a short time to put together, it make a simple, elegant statement on a front door, mantle or even a window.



  • Wire ring 
  • Artificial flowers in desired color and style
  • Wooden beads (20 mm) 
  • Hot glue and glue gun 
  • Floral tape or wire 
  • Twine (optional)


springbeadedwirewreathcomponentswhite door wreath beaded




  • Find the place on the wire ring where it has been sealed together.  This is a very weak spot.  Lightly bend this back and forth until the seal separates.  If needed, you can use wire cutters.
  • Add beads to the ring, taking up about 75% of the ring.
  • Place a bead of hot glue to both ends of the line of beads to hold them taught in place on the ring.
  • Include flowers and other accessories using floral tape or wire.  You may also choose to hot glue.  I like to recycle wreath forms, flowers, etc., so floral tape or wire allows for the pieces to be reused.
  • Cut a piece of twine about 4 inches long, wrap it around the ring and tie a knot in the ends.  This provides you with a loop to use as a hanger for the wreath.  This is optional.  You can also choose to hang the wreath directly by the beaded ring.



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